• Yoga

    Yoga is the oldest spiritual tradition in the world, dates around 5,000 years ago, was initiated in India and embraces both mind and body. The word “yoga” means to join, to unite.

    Yoga is achieved through a structured method of assanas, breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation, enabling you to come to terms with your inner nature.

    Private lesson (max 2 persons)costs 55€ for 1 hour

    Group lesson costs 15€ for 1,5 hours

    Beach yoga (private lesson)costs 15€ for 1 hour

    For further information contact our experience specialist, Eleni at eleni.svyriadi@skopelosvillage.gr
  • Bar & Restaurant

    Visit the Agioli Restaurant to taste our traditional Mediterranean cuisine or enjoy a cocktail, whilst overlooking the stunning sea views.

    Skopelos Real Estate Project

    If your dream is to own a home in Greece, Skopelos island is the best choice & "Skopelos Real Estate Project" can make your dream come true! A development of apartments & maisonettes in a unique complex with private pool in a walking distance from Skopelos town.

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