• Activities at Your Summer Home

    What comes to mind when we whisper “Summer Home”?

    A Summer Home is the place we go during our summer vacation. Initially, the place that our Greek parents grew up. Typically, on a Greek island or somewhere in the countryside.

    As children we used to harvest the vegetables we cooked with our grannies, take long walks in the forest to discover the local legends, stroll in the villages and stop for freshly squeezed lemonade that took away our thirst. We caught octopuses during our long dives in the blue waters and fished calamari, when the moon was full.

    We sailed away, with the dolphins and seals, to seek new adventures.

    In the afternoons we cycled quickly, to fetch a strawberry ice cream. Our evenings smelled like clay, as we tried to make our own ceramics and during the nights we faced a breathtaking view and listened to the island’s stories.

    Our summer home was a place we lived closer to nature and people. It was a place that transformed the way we see life.

    It would be impossible to describe the memories we created during our Greek summers. That is the reason we decided to show you by introducing a number of activities around the island including but not limited to hiking, cycling, SUP, a visit to our own vegetable garden, star photography, cooking classes, pottery classes, sailing trips and a lot more.

    Our team would be more than happy to prepare a tailor-made program to fit your wants, so make sure to ask us and let us know your preferences!

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